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Menampilkan postingan dari Februari, 2012

more than 5 star hotel dinner

it's such an expensive thing just to have a date for two, even to celebrate our day. we have no heart to leave Allena after office hour or on weekend. I remember the last time we went out for movie, I was still pregnant!

So, waited until allena fallen asleep, then we two cooked italian food, set up the table, switched of the lamp and put on the candle. Dressed in pajamas. hihiihih.

Voila, it turned out an unforgettable night!

2 yr

Hari ini kami 2 tahun menikah.
Feeling like having a sprint time in 2011, semuanya kyk ngebuuuuuut!

Just realise, that our anniversary is a same date with my favorite blogger. Admiring his very-logic-and-smart-husband for long ;)

Ups and downs we'll face the world together,
for the next seconds, minutes, hours, days and years.

Thank you for completing me