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Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2016

other half, year by year

Just blogwalking to one of my friend's blog, seeing how she posted so much photos with her soulmate. Then realize, that I didnt write much about my other half. Since I crowned as a mother (of two!), my universe turned upside down. It doesn't mean I put him aside, but, we actually, I and him, put our concern to our lil ones. Well, it happens to everyone, I guess.
But, this post, doesn't mean I wanna show how is our romance life goes, but again, it is for me. To remind the path I chosed, how we danced trough the music of life, and how we still survive.
Hand in hand.
Then I found out, I love him even more

early 2005 I get involved in a band, girls band actualy. All the member of band wanted to join an music community at campus, I actually, wasn't interested. At all.  Because I already joined a campus radio, that took most of my time and energy. That night, with a very heavy step to campus, I attended the meeting. And I met him.
Lil convo that warmed us, I and him easily g…